New website for a WordPress VIP agency partner headquartered in Southern California


Rareview is a design and marketing agency founded in 2002, and led by two brothers Chuck and Rob. The team behind the agency had worked with top brands like Bosch, Epson, Sony, Disqus, and many others.

Rareview is also one of only 19 WordPress VIP partners in the world and the only one in Southern California.


In 2019 I they asked me to build a new site for them. When they brought me to the project the design phase was already completed and after a few meetings we outlined the main goals for the development:

  • Make it easy to create complex pages with rich media and custom layout elements
  • Make the the website load fast
  • Build the website with the best accessibility practices in mind
Rareview Homepage Top Part Rareview Homepage Bottom Part


We chose to use WordPress because the previous version of the website was built in it and we could easily migrate parts of the content.

Also, WordPress had just came out with version 5.0 that introduced the new editor that added a new concept of the block to the ecosystem. For this project, it meant that instead of creating a multitude of page templates we could build several reusable blocks and compose infinite layout variations with ease.

To achieve the best performance, I built a custom theme that doesn't rely on too many plugins, which means less code, less maintenance, and quicker load times.

On top of that, I made sure we test the site in Lighthouse extensively and fix the issues that come along.


I have worked on this website for a few months leading to a launch in the Summer. We keep working on adding (and removing) features improving performance and making the website more accessible.

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