Better Image Workflow in WordPress

Better Image Workflow with WordPress

Introduction to a series of posts about image management in WordPress. We’ll cover best practices for naming files, metadata, batch processing, and many more. I’ll review some software and plug-ins that can be used to make the process of preparing and uploading images faster and less painful. Keep reading!


I once worked on a blog with four of my friends. My role was to take care of technical stuff (improve theme functionality, write custom widgets, make updates, etc) while my non-techie coworkers were responsible for writing posts, interviewing guest, taking and uploading images. This was going pretty well until the number of posts per week started to increase.

I did not introduce any guides for uploading images to our website at the beginning, and it quickly became a burning issue. Media Library started to bloat with images uploaded straightly from camera (I am talking raw images like _MG_947.cr2), super small images, oversized images, images with lots of useless metadata, and on top of that none of them had their Title, Alt, Caption and Description fields filled. It was a disaster. I realised that I need to come up with some sort of tutorials on preparing and uploading images to a website. In this series of articles, I would like to share this interesting experience.

What we’ll cover

  • Image sizes. What is the best image size for a website?
  • Filenames. Best ways to name your files before uploading.
  • Batch File Renaming. Software and Plug-in approach.
  • Title, Alt, Caption and Description. What are those fields and how to fill them?
  • Image Metadata. How you can make use of it.
  • Batch Metadata Edit. How to edit metadata of multiple images in seconds.
  • Auto Filling Metadata. How to automatically fill Title, Alt, Caption and Description on upload.
  • Retina-ready. Several approaches to make your images look good on Retina screens.

Table of contents

Want some more tips on image management in WordPress. Here is the list of articles that will help you do it faster and less painful. Subscribe to my Twitter for more posts on WordPress.

  1. Better Image Workflow in WordPress
  2. What Image Size is Best for a Website
  3. Tips For Better Filenames in WordPress
  4. Batch Rename Files in WordPress
  5. Autofill Attachment Metadata in WordPress

Cover image by Kenny Louie

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